Welcome To Ghana Xchange Volunteer Organization
Ghana Xchange VolunteerGhana Xchange VolunteerGhana Xchange Volunteer
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Ghana Xchange VolunteerGhana Xchange VolunteerGhana Xchange Volunteer

Welcome To Ghana Volunteer Xchange Organization

Our non-profit organization, Ghana exchange volunteers organization, is a registered grassroot organization that provides health and educational opportunities for less privileged children and communities located in Senya beraku in Ghana.  We have been in operation since 2009 and have made tremendous impact in our Healthcare project, Educational project and Child Labor and Trafficking project. We are in great need of support, that of volunteers. We have been able to affiliate with some hospitals,clinics and schools in the community where we work to help volunteers get more work to do.

Without added support, our children and the community are vulnerable to dangerous conditions to include malaria, sexual abuse, heavy domestic work, child labor conditions, exposure to HIV/AIDS, and teenage pregnancy.  Currently, we are helping 100 children escape this lifestyle by lending a helping hand through education and care. We are focusing on improving our programs for the future, however, our primary challenge is that we need volunteers now to help us with our daily teaching in schools and the hospital as well.

Our volunteers work 7 hours a day and 35hours a week from healthcare work to teaching English, maths, arts, organizing games and doing health talks on endemic health issues in deprived communities in Ghana

We are seeking compassionate individuals to serve for one or more weeks in the role of volunteer.  With their help, health eduaction,health promotion,maternal care,we can empower our children, deliver targeted educational assistance, provide social support, and expose the children to the possibilities of escaping this hardship by taking advantage of possible opportunities around the world.

Here in Ghana, we offer a safe, comfortable and a welcoming volunteer facility and an overall positive experience.  New volunteers can expect a comprehensive orientation, delicious meals, quality time with our children, and time that will guarantee fulfillment. We offer opportunities to travel around Ghana on off days to experience the culture, our friendly people, and the magnificence of our country.  Recent volunteer, marta cueler Gomez , said “my eight weeks spent with Theresah and the childcare home changed my life.  My heart with always be with this special children and I plan to return.”

We believe that it is up to the next generation to break the cycle and unify a continent. Our curriculum and activities inspire a sense of purpose in the hearts of each child by teaching that just one person can make a difference and the health of the people  is our concern.I would appreciate the chance to speak with you, to learn more about your volunteer organization, and to discuss the possible opportunity of working together

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