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Owing to the present global economic instability, it has become indispensable for every parents to find something doing with their time. The financial challenges has fixed even nursing mothers in a tight corner that, they cannot afford to remain home for appreciable time to take care of their newborn babies. The situation has necessitated negotiations to bring breastfeeding babies to childcare homes for care taking.

The Ghana Xchange Volunteers Organization runs this program with the aim of easing the pressure on parents, especially, mothers, who are duty bound to simultaneously manage such children and work. Undeniably, the global economy is faced with great challenge, which in effect, has subjected both public and private companies and other business ventures to inevitable competitions. Consequently, there is heavy workload on workers, thus, tight schedules, which, if a parent cannot adhere to, will mean losing the job. A wide range of workers or staff who patronize this program include doctors, nurses, accountants, administrators, managers, lawyers, judges, laboratory technicians, teachers, bankers, traders, seamstresses, hairstylists, etc.

As an organization that cares about the well-being of the society, GXVO chose to step in by running a childcare home program, to shoulder part of the burdens of the parents in order to keep them at work.

At the childcare home, the children are properly taken care of. Children from the ages of three months to ten years can gain admission to the home. The childcare home is well furnished to meet the comfort of the children. It is spacious with good ventilation, clean floors which is mobbed regularly to avoid dirt and stains, toilets and bathrooms, etc. Additionally, the home is stocked with playing toys and television sets to show kids videos that could entertain the children. The home is also filled with tables and chairs that suit the comfort of the children and staff. To avoid children having infections, staff are trained with personal hygiene and neatness in mind. The type of food a child is fed with is subject to the age of that particular child. GXVO is also in constant engagement with professional nutritionists and health workers for advice as to how best to handle the children.

The Ghana Xchange Volunteers Organization is inviting volunteers who have passion for children and can carefully take of them. Volunteers who know how to pamper children and carry them when crying are also welcome. Since childcare is complex, GXVO will gladly post hardworking volunteers to the childcare home. Our childcare project runs everyday of the week and 24 hours a day. This means that volunteers will be running shift duty based on the work timetable prepared by the management of the home.

Volunteer Assigned Duty

Volunteers posted to our childcare home shall be assigned the following duties by the management:

-cleaning and mobbing the floors

-taking of daily records on number of kids in the home

-changing of dress of children periodically

-removing of diapers, bathing and cleaning the children when they urinate and defecate

-feeding the children when they need to eat

-teaching the children with necessary literature

-assisting the children to watch their videos

-teaching the children songs and singing with them.