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Educational/School Program

Education is widely accepted across the globe to be one, if not the most effective tools for development. In a community, city, state, country and a continent where there is focus on quality education, the probability that the people will be liberated from poverty and low standard of living is very high. However, in Ghana, many places, especially, the rural and deprived areas, factors that contribute to quality education, such as adequate educational facilities and institutions, adequate teaching and non-teaching staff, adequate and quality teaching materials, good teaching methods and congenial teaching environments are lacking, which makes it important to involve volunteers, if indeed, we desire to achieve the attainment of quality education for many.

Volunteers are usually posted to selected schools where students are underprivileged, to be able to help the kids. Volunteers posted to the field of education are likely to observe the possible defects in the educational activities at where they are posted to, and suggest better options. Volunteers also stand the chance of introducing the best methods being used in their countries of origin. This then helps the volunteers to make a difference in the deprived communities in terms of education.

Subjects such as history, geography social studies and science demand that trips or excursions be embarked upon, to visit sites. These trips help the volunteers to benefit from Ghanaian tourist attraction sites. This is also an opportunity for the volunteers to explore new culture in addition.

Volunteers are also at liberty to have after school engagements with their students. This means volunteers can visit the students in their various homes or the students visit volunteers at the volunteers home for a further engagements. Volunteers now have the opportunity to socialize with the people in the society, which will expose them to diverse of Ghanaian culture and to enjoy different types of Ghanaian staple food.

The aim of running the education program is to create support to local teachers in understaffed and overcrowded schools in the communities of the district where the volunteers stay. By so doing, quality education will be made accessible to the poor, the effect of which is to bridge the educational gab between the rich and poor children.

To many Ghanaian teachers, teaching work in the rural communities is quite unattractive. However, there is always striking zeal for both students and teachers when volunteers are involved. The presence of volunteers in the deprived schools brings in a new energy for impactful academic work. The curiosity of students of today also serves as motivational force for volunteers to enjoy engaging them the more. In the school where a volunteer is placed, he can choose to be a main class teacher or assist the main class teacher for a while only to take over as main teacher after acquiring a level of confidence and skills necessary to that effect. Subjects to teach shall include mathematics, english, science, history, computer, languages, music, dance, drama etc. A volunteer can choose to teach at any level of education (pre-school, primary, Junior High School, Senior High School and tertiary). Volunteers can also engage the students in extra-curricular activities like table tennis, basketball, volleyball, ampe, music and dance, swimming, ludu, oware, draft, etc.

Volunteer Assigned Duty

Volunteers shall be assigned by the head of the school to do the following: preparing of lesson notes where needed, teach the students effectively, discuss education related issues with students, assess the performance of students through class work or homework, develop better teaching methods and apply them for better understanding of concepts. A volunteer who cannot teach the whole class, but prefers to engage students individually, is allowed to do so with slow students who have not yet caught up with the entire class. Volunteers presence, ideas, and energy in the work is enough to excite students and motivate teachers as well, for a more excellent job.

GXVO is ready to assist volunteers in respect of lesson plans, teaching curriculum, and guide book which will help in effective delivery of daily work with the students. Where possible, volunteers are encouraged to come with some of the learning materials such as picture books, flash cards, art supplies, audios, videos and instruments.

Volunteers must also take note that they will be working from Monday to Friday. The hours of work shall be in accordance with the timetable provided by the authority of the school. It must be stated that there shall be resting periods on the time table, to avoid stressing volunteers. The volunteer house where volunteers live is just a little distance away from the school. This then means there volunteers can simply walk to their duty posts and work comfortably. Most often than not, volunteers will be expected to engage students in regular homework and reading exercise.