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Medical/Health Program

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Medical/Health Program

In Ghana, poor medical care is a major challenge the people are facing. Most death cases happen as a result of either lack of proper medical care or its poor state. At GXVO, we have various health centres and hospitals we work with. A timetable that shows which health centre or hospital a volunteer will be working on a particular day is provided to ease the volunteering work. Since many health centres are understaffed, the posting of volunteers will help deal with the challenge, the effect of which is to eradicate or reduce poor health condition in the societies. Poor health conditions lead to poverty because, the productivity of unhealthy people is low. And due to poverty state, it is difficult to treat diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, typhoid, joint pain, diarrhea, pregnancy related problems, STIs, amongst others. Inability to deal with these problems properly will cause increase in mortality rate in Ghana. Volunteers are assigned specific duties at work, including outreaches, health talks, health screenings for both students and non-students across the district where the volunteers reside. To execute any medical outreach programs effectively, the local residents and traditional authorities of the communities, political figures and all other people that matter will be duly involved to support the volunteers.

The GXVO medical health program is aimed mainly at placing the vulnerable at a better, sound and healthy medical status. The other aims include: creating awareness of certain diseases such typhoid, fever, malaria, STIs, and the need to prevent them or treat them earlier when symptoms show by way of health talk or health education.

Volunteering work of each volunteer shall last between a week and three months. However, where a volunteer wishes to stay beyond the 3-month duration, GXVO shall negotiate with that volunteer accordingly.

Unless otherwise arranged, a volunteer shall work 7 hours each working day ( from Monday to Friday).

Volunteers Assigned Duty

Generally, volunteers shall be assigned medical duties by the medical superintendent of the hospital or health centre. Amongst these duties are: assisting in the consulting rooms, maternity wards, child welfare departments, family planning unit, OPD, laboratories. They shall also assist in health education, promotion, screening, and also wound dressing either in the clinic or on home visits.